Cell phone tracking device with sprint

Sprint is the latest telecom to offer a tracking device that uses LTE

Have peace of mind knowing you can locate your child on-demand or perform automatic safety check locates to ensure they made it home from school, to soccer practice, or wherever they are going. Full features include: Unlimited on-demand locates - The ability to locate phones on your Sprint account both smart phones incl.

Phone location data is sold on black market, Motherboard investigation finds.

Android and iPhones and feature phones. Sprint Family Locator is great for kids as well: - Checking in has never been easier. Kids can send their current location on a map along with their choice of message. It's perfect!

Sprint Tracker Device Keeps Tabs on Kids, Valuables

Tells you exactly where someone is down to the address and a pinpoint map. The only problem I've encountered is that when I'm out of town in another time zone it gets glitchy. Ex: if in my time zone it's , but it's there, it shows me where they were an hour ago and gets stuck --keeps showing me where they were at instead of where they actually are currently.

This an cause an unnecessary argument if you're checking up on your spouse and they say they are gone and the locator says they're somewhere else Hello, I hope your team truly read this and other reviews. We have had this at I believe for 13 years. It no longer does this. Now it just shows us a mass area no pin point whatsoever.

This is scary and very disheartening. We were thankful that my grandma called a few hours later and said he was with her asleep.

Geofencing & Notifications

We have had to replace phones because of horrible accuracy. It also spins and freezes when you go manage family then it kicks you out. What has happened to the app? Thank you. Need better geofence control. Only seems to be accurate within hundreds of yards rather then feet or inches like some other trackers.

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How do you set other geofences? It was and still is a bit frustrating to set it up between two phones. If this doesn't get more accurate or better we're just gonna buy keychain trackers and glue them in our shoes lol because of our hacking problems, most trackers are accurate for a day or so and someone screws it up from their pc which we do not have.

I guess since we value our family so much, and that the fear of having seen our loved ones in raunchy places and scenarios faked by the hacker's inaccurately dropping pins on some trackers we've had it appears they want a warrant of. And as a mother, in not talking about a 40 ounce beer either!!! The service is password protected — You need a login and password to be able to access the tracking map which offers a semblance of security. Keep the login safe and you will be the only one tracking your family.

I Gave a Bounty Hunter $300. Then He Located Our Phone

GPS is only accurate to within sixteen feet in perfect conditions. Position, location and conditions can all affect the accuracy of it. It is not impossible for phone GPS to be very inaccurate within cities because of buildings. By law, Sprint has to notify the phone user that they are being tracked.

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They do that monthly with an SMS message to each tracked handset. Anyone with the login can track your family — The service could be used completely benignly for parents to track children. It could also be used by jealous partners, for spying on partners, for stalking or anything. The login restricts access but we all know such information can be phished or hacked.

Once out in the world, your family could be being watched by anyone.

How to turn off Location Tracking on iPhone & Android mobile devices

I think the Sprint Family Locator is a good idea if parents are open and honest about using it. Users also need to bear in mind the inherent inaccuracy of the current generation GPS. My husband and I use it. I work from home on the phone all day. But the family locator has located my phone 2 times about 3 miles from our home and it is showing the same area. The first time I had to ask my supervisor if she remembered what time I signed into my computer to prove to him I was at work during that time.

This second time the time that it reported was during my 30 min lunch.

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Sprint Family Locator lets you locate any phone on your Sprint family plan. Download the app to sign up and start locating! Full features include: The ability to. Sprint is the latest US carrier to begin selling a personal tracking device The Tracker can be located using Sprint's LTE network or through GPS.

There are multiple reasons why I could not and would not have left the home. Even his phone has been located 2 times in an area within a mile from work.

But his reply is that his home is within a mile from his work.