Iphone app to view text messages

How to Recover Deleted Text Messages on iPhone

It lets you access all the text messages from your iPhone and display them on computer like you do in your own iPhone. You can read them, delete them, send replies directly from computer and even backup messages to computer easily.

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Besides viewing text messages, it also helps to control and manage contacts, pictures, notes, documents and other stuff on your computer. You even view messages directly from your iTunes or iCloud back up as well.

How to send a text from your Mac

It is a very powerful tool with endless potential and is available on both Windows and Mac. First of all, you will need to get the software and install it on your computer.

2) DriveSafe.ly

If you are looking for a spying app to read someone's text messages, then you remotely track all sent and received text messages on both Android and iOS. Learn which SMS tracker software is best to spy on text messages & get the Each of these will enable you to read someone's text messages and just about all If you are spying on a an iPhone and you are either unwilling or unable to.

After installation, open the program from the desktop shortcut and you will see the main UI shown like this:. Take out of iPhone user cable and use it to connect the iPhone to computer. A few seconds alter, you will see the device name displayed on the main screen. If the iPhone couldn't scanned by the program, you need to check if iTunes was installed on the computer.

Send and receive text messages on iPhone

Click on "SMS" from the options given on the left sidebar and it should display all the text messages from iPhone. If you want to save your messages to computer then simply click on "Export to" then choose the directory where you are saving the messages and store them on your computer.

How to View Old Messages on iPhone or iPad the Fastest Way

If you are happy to continue, follow these steps:. Both FreeTone and textPlus allow phone calls in addition to text messages, but you may need to pay for in-app purchases to use all of their features. Some of them can be done on PC or Mac no matter you're online or offline, some of them require a good network situation. Make sure that your iPhone is configured to receive text messages 1. Continue Reading.

This program can totally manage all of your messaging activities from the computer. You will be happy to see how much easier you can life can get with this program. In case, you backed up iPhone with iCloud and want to view the messages from it, which was already deleted on your iPhone.

How to Remotely Read Text Messages off any Android or iPhone via XNSPY

It is possible with the help of iCloud Backup Extractor. Step 1 : Download and install iCloud Backup Extractor. Finally, open the program and click "Recover from iCloud Backup File".

Are There Any Free Apps to Read the Text Messages from Other Phones Secretly?

Step 3 : When the download process is completed, click "Start Scan" button to analyze the text messages on that backup file. It is sad to say but there are no free apps available on Apple store that can export messages from your iPhone to computer.

Next, open the app on your iPhone and tap on "Export Messages" and choose the folder where you want to save all the messages. You can also tap the microphone key next to the space bar on the keyboard not the one next to the text-entry field and then speak your reply to Siri, who will translate it to text and type it in the text-entry field for you.

Your SMS conversations are saved as a series of text bubbles. If you tap blue, underlined words, additional options appear on the screen, enabling you to create a calendar event, display the date on the calendar, or copy the event to the Clipboard for pasting elsewhere. Tap a text bubble that you want to delete and a blue check mark appears in the circle.

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Or, to delete the entire conversation in one fell swoop, tap the blue Delete All button in the top-left corner. If you want to forward to another mobile phone or Apple device user all or part of a conversation as an SMS, MMS, or iMessage message , follow the same procedure that is, double-tap a text bubble, tap More, and then tap the text bubbles that you want to forward.

View Text Messages from Another Phone

Now, instead of tapping the blue trashcan at the bottom-left of the screen, tap the blue arrow at the bottom-right of the screen. The contents of the text bubbles with check marks will be copied to a new text message; specify a recipient and then tap Send. Tap the circle for each conversation you want to delete, and then tap the Delete button at the bottom right to delete those conversations.

To delete a single conversation, swipe the conversation from right to left, and then tap the red Delete button.